My Products

All Products can be found in my Etsy Store front: LifeSoapSimple

I make most of my soap in the cold process method (not unlike my great grandma did, minus the lard and lack of precise calculations) and all bars are fully cured before being packaged and sold to you.  I use fresh ingredients and seek out responsibly harvested oils and butters, while still offering you the best affordability.  All packages include a full ingredient disclosure, so you always know what you are putting on your skin.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Some ingredients you might want to know about:

Coconut Oil-helps create a hard bar that will last and big bubbly lather

Olive Oil-a soft oil that provides moisture and is a balance to the harsher properties of coconut oil. Used alone it creates an extremely hard bar that is the mildest soap you can find.

Palm Oil-I am now using sustainable palm oil and its properties aid in creating a cleansing hard bar, but is also mild and a great vegetable substitute for tallow

Shea Butter-a nut oil used as a super-fatting oil to create a nourishing bar

Soybean Oil-I use only organic soybean oil and its properties yield a hard bar with a stable lather

Sodium Hydroxide (aka lye)-it is what reacts with the oils to make soap and is absolutely necessary in creating soap No Lye - No Soap (but don't worry, my soaps are precision calculated, super-fatted, and fully cured, so there is none left in in the final product)

Glycerin-a natural by-product of the soap making process, it draws moisture to the skin (that's a good thing!) 

Essential Oils-essential oils are derived from roots, leaves, and flowers of plants
  • All essential oils should be used with caution as many are unsuitable for pregnant and nursing women, those with heart and blood conditions, and individuals with epilepsy. You should always consult with your physician before undergoing any regimen containing essential oils.