About Me

I'm a Christian, a wife, a mom, a soap maker, a business owner, and life lover.  All these things merge into one small package of "me".  I often see the world through bubble coated glasses...and seek to see always the wonder and joy in the simplicity of the God given gifts surrounding me.

Here in my soap filled world you might also find commentary on my family-their silly antics, wily ways, and the joy they bring me-the stuff life is made of, my seeking of simpler ways in a complex over "stuffed" world, soap making techniques and tutorials, and if you're watching close enough, maybe a glimpse into my heart and soul. Life is soap, Life is simple, Life is what we make it, so make it SIMPLY beautiful.

I started making soap in 2005 to battle the skin condition of my wee babe and have been hooked ever since. My goal is to create products using simple ingredients with simple purpose...to get your skin clean without use of harsh detergents and synthetic fragrances or dyes.  I love dipping into a fresh pail of soap oils and merging them into something that can make you feel simply good. I'm inspired my nature and food...chocolate specifically.

I love sleepy mornings, a hot cup of herbal tea, (did I mention I like chocolate?), butterfly kisses, and read crafty food magazines and blogs and whatever else I can get my hands on....but find myself rereading the likes of Jane Austin and Louisa May Alcott over and over again....and of course anything Sandra Boynton to my littlest munckin.  The two older are busy doing their own reading, which I more than adore.

Have a SIMPLY wonderful day!

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