Thursday, October 17, 2013

DIY: Repurposed Flannel Receiving Blanket

When my first two boys were babies I always ran to the bathroom before diaper changes and waited forever for the tap to warm up to warm a soft cloth to wipe up the little bum.  Of course by that time the baby had usually escaped or was really mad.  This time I decided to splurge and buy a wipes warmer (BEST thing EVER!!).  So handy to always have a moist warm cloth on hand to wipe a tush or hands or face.  I also knew I didn't want to use disposable wipes.  My warmer came with some terry cloth wipes that I really didn't like so I set out to make some of my own.

When I dug out the remaining baby items from my first two boys I found a few flannel receiving blankets that quite frankly weren't useable as blankets.  However, being the thrifty mom I am, I didn't want to throw them out either. And now I'm glad I didn't, because those used flannel blankets are the softest thing ever to use on bottoms.

A not so new flannel blanket.

Here's how I turned a flannel baby blanket into a burp cloth and a small stack of reusable baby wipes.

 Re-purposing a blanket into a burp cloth
1. With right sides together, fold blanket half the long way.  Cut from folded edge approximately 14" wide x 18" long.  Set aside the remaining blanket.

2. Stitch the long side together using a 1/2" seam allowance. 

3. Turn right side out placing seam approximately 4" from the folded edge (see image above).  Press.

4. Top stitch along the seam.  Turn your work and top stitch 4" from the other folded edge.  Tip: I use a sticky note as my stitch guide so I don't have to mark on my fabric.  Then I can remove it or reposition it for other widths.

5. Using a over-lock machine, finish the raw ends, trim threads, and DONE! If you don't have a serger you can turn the raw edges inside and top stitch before step 4.

Re-purposing a blanket into reusable baby wipes.
1. Using remaining blanket, cut rectangles measuring 8" x 6 1/2".  I was able to get eight cuts from what was left.  Of course, feel free to alter the size to your needs.  This is just what happens to fit into my warmer the best.

2. Optional rounded edge: If you like nice round edges, you can use a bowl, cup, plastic lid to mark the corners and trim down. Or you can easily leave the corners squared.  I've done it both ways.

3. For double layered wipes layer two cuts with wrong sides together and finish edges with over-lock machine.  For single layer wipes, over-lock a single layer.  With this blanket I made 4 double sided, for those extra messy jobs.

Finished product!

I can't wait to put these wipes in the warmer with my homemade wipes solution (more on that next time) and turn this super thick, double-sided Good Will $1 find into some changing pads using the same methods as above.

Good Will $1 Find

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