Thursday, February 2, 2012

Homemade Valentine's Day

I don't know about you but I hate sending store bought Valentine's to school each year. I like to help my kids make something special, but have also discovered that boys don't really enjoy making 20+ heart shaped Valentine, love, mushy, sweet cards. We need a project that is boy and simple (meaning they don't have to do much other than sign their name), but still unique and fun.

This year I found two fun and easy templates via Pinterest to adapt for their personalities. What I like about these two projects is that they aren't super mushy, we got to customize them (I love FREE printables), and the only thing the boys really had to do was sign their name (and fill some goody bags)....100% boy approved Valentine's!

The first is for my oldest, a 4th grader, Pirate Valentine's.

We added the text with photoshop, stitched on some tiny heart eye patches, and I thought distressing the corners with a little candle flame would be fun (who said mom's can't play with fire). He signed his name, put some pirate themed goodies in a bag and we affixed it to the back of the card...handmade and unique.

For my 1st grader we needed something a little different and simpler. I love this spy glass project (again with free printables) from dandee designs.

We simply printed the PDF, punched our holes, and he even did all the tying himself. We made goody bags with plastic bugs to examine under the magnifying glass and other Valentine's treats. So BOY!

These took a little more time than store bought cards, but I really like how these turned out and we had some good bonding time putting it all together (and wow! a couple weeks in advance!)

Are you looking for handmade ways to show your love? Share what projects you've been working on.

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