Thursday, December 1, 2011

Joy in the Midst of Sorrow

Wow! Where has the time gone? I see my last post was at the end of September! Two months gone in the blink of an eye.

So what have I been up too these past couple of months? Oh if flies could talk!

I went into heavy soap production after the boys went back to school in an attempt to get a jump start on the Fall craft show season and Holiday shopping. I managed one Fall art event this season.

It's a good thing I have a good work crew!! They are great at helping me load in and out and you can see the boys did some fall decorating for me too.

But all that got quickly put aside. Instead I turned my extra focus on family. My father in law was diagnosed with a 4th brain tumor in September and that put a pressing need for us to all be together as much as possible. Our weekends were spent with Grandpa, helping the boys make some lasting memories. Sadly he lost the battle shortly before Thanksgiving, 3 and a half years to the date after his first diagnosis. We are so thankful for those years and blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing family and group friends to get us through such a difficult season.

Just barely a week before my Granddad passed away suddenly of a heart attack. That took a greater toll on me than I thought it would. Needless to say, I've been a state of grieving for awhile.

But even in the midst of this loss there is joy. My sister brought her fourth healthy, beautiful baby girl into our lives mid-September. She looks so much like her sisters and I can't believe how much she grows between visits.

The boys had a fun soccer season and are looking forward to the upcoming basketball season.

Before September had made it's exit, our family found out it will be growing as well. We are so pleased to announce we are expecting another bundle in June. I've been very blessed to NOT be sick this go round, although I am beyond exhausted most days. Guess my body thinks it is older and is being temperamental!! I've been spending my time sleeping and eating and sleeping and trying to clean out my spare room so this little one has a room. I've not been very successful with the latter, but it will get done eventually.

The boys are beyond excited. Our oldest wants a sister because he already has a little brother. Our youngest wants a brother so he can be like his older brother. I love them so much. Ultimately, we just want a healthy baby and don't care one way or the other.

While it is bitter sweet, with this news I have decided to temporarily stop soap production. Even using all the safety precautions, I still feel it is in the best interest of my wee babe to keep away from most of the chemicals I encounter during production. While my darling husband offered to help me make some things, he really doesn't have the time to go all out. In all honesty, I'm just tired from pregnancy and tired from all the events going on in our lives. I want to be making soap when I'm happy and able to give it my all so you are getting the best products possible.

I do still have a decent inventory, so I can send out things for sure until the end of the year. If there is anything that you can't live without snatch it up now, because it may be awhile before it is available again. Please use the following code at checkout: BabyBeJoy to receive a year-end discount for your stocking up or your stocking stuffers and my clearing out.

When will I be back to work? Time will tell. I hope to be back at it by the end of next year, but it hasn't been so long that I don't remember what it is like to have a needy baby in the house. And as always, my philosophy is family and kids first and foremost. They grow up way to fast as it is and I don't want to miss a moment.Link