Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Killin' Time

School started and I thought I'd have all this time to get things done that I wanted to do...namely business things. Making soap was a high priority. Instead I have been playing taxi driver and doing some volunteer work, which are good in their own respects.

Just when I was getting time to work again, I ran out of a crucial ingredient soap ingredient. This is life. I knew I was out and ordered more just two days before the bucket was empty and then the wait is dreadful when I have these projects tumbling around in my brain.

What do I do while I wait? Tear something up!

I had this dream a few days ago that I painted our kitchen cabinets in this fun lime green with a white overlay. In my dream they were fabulous, fun, and funky! This is what I get from reading craft blogs. Waking....I thought better...but decided to apply this "dream" to my bathroom vanity cabinet. I mean really, they are boring (or so I told myself) and just a standard builder placed what is the harm?

See, these are boring. They do have some awesome wood grain though.

After reading a few tutorials on white-wash paint technique and a few crafty blogs, I took paint in hand and a few power tools (I'm not really allowed to use those-don't ask-all I can say is that last week I was cleaning windows and fell out of the patio chair I was standing on. My track record isn't good). My poor husband just shakes his head as I ban him from the bathroom.

Two stages of the painting.

This took a little trial and error. I did the cabinet part twice to get the right look.

Notice how I cleaned. The base boards even got treated.

Well, there they are. I even got the doors back on straight! It looks so fresh in there now.

My husband was very relieved that my supplies arrived. You'll be happy to know I've used them.

Secretly I want to put up bead board in there too. Guess next time I'm out of soaping materials I'll tackle that one.

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