Friday, August 12, 2011

Less than Perfect

I'd like to say I'm perfect (and I'd like to have you believe I'm perfect), but I am not. Sometimes I fail....really fail....and that is part of life. I have to laugh at myself or I'm pretty sure I'd have to cry.

I've been trying to get some of my fall line on the curing rack while also getting the kids ready for school and make some end of summer memories. I've been working on fall favorites and some new creations. And it seems that I've forgotten how to make soap over the summer!

I hope you don't mind seeing my ugly, imperfect side. I don't often share this kind of thing with anyone in fear you might see me in another light.

I think I must have left out one of the oils because this was clearly brittle when I unmolded it and sure enough it tested way up there on pH. Eeek......this one will be going in the garbage and I really hate that....waste that is...and that I'm not perfect. I haven't made a bad batch in FOREVER.

And this one in the same week!! What??!! I'm pretty sure I've been on vacation for way too long.

The first image is the original batch and it appears that the cocoa powder I used to color it separated out. While it is perfectly usable, let's be's ugly. My husband said it reminded him of burnt upside down cake. I think I'll chop it up and use it in my own shower. At least I don't have to throw it out. The second image is the 2nd version. It is lovely. I took the re-do as an opportunity to play with the layers creating a "crust" for my pie.

Be looking for some new pie creations and some favorites from last year. With any luck I won't have any more mishaps and have a full inventory!


miscellanea said...

You could chop up the burnt upside down cake and make an ohp soap. Perhaps ist will have a chocolate brown colour? But the second version turned out beautiful.

Celine Blacow said...

Or you could chop the "burnt" one up and use it as embeds in something else.. never wasted.

I don't it looks that burnt to be honest... looks a little like a creme brulee... call it chocolate cream bruleƩ and it's all sorted!

Life Soap Simple said...

You all are so clever! I hate re-batching though. I mean I really hate it. Ah well. Thanks for the encouragement!

Cilicia said...

I just have to say that this just shows how soap making is an art :) You will have a fabulous fall inventory and I am sure I will be there checking it out :)

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

I love the second cocoa powder one. Can you rebatch the first and second soap that didn't turn out as you had planned. Or maybe use it as laundry soap.

I know how sad I get when something doesn't turn out well and I think it's just soap but I get upset because I plan it all out in my head into this wonderful thing and then when that doesn't happen it's hard to recover.


Anne-Marie said...

Phew, I'm glad that you ended up with a successful batch! That will help you regain some pride ;) We've all been there though so know that you're not alone!

Life Soap Simple said...

You know, it really is a pride thing isn't it. I want it to always turn out on the pretty, perfect side and then sometimes it doesn't. Twice in one week had to be some kind of record for sure! Thankfully I'm not easily scared away. So I try again, make corrections, and move on.