Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Log to Bar: Product Branding

Ever wonder about what goes on behind the scenes of a crafter/artist/soap maker? I thought I'd share with you some of the behind the scenes so you can have every confidence that my products are indeed made by me...the artist/soap maker.

Making soap is a real creative process. From developing scent combinations, bar formulas, and putting it all together in a beautiful bar takes time and more time. But I love the process!

When I'm making soap, I wear protective gear from beginning to end (measuring ingredients, mixing, and cleaning up) and often mix my lye and water outside to keep the fumes outside. I had the help of my 9 year old to take these pardon some of the blurriness. He's not a professional, but is always a willing helper.

here I'm blending the color into a portion of the batch for a two layered soap
(and I always make a mess when I'm's just the way I am)

pouring the two layers

making the top pretty

after the logs have been cut into hand-sized bars, it's time to put my personal touch to them with my custom logo stamp.

The bar is just the right texture to apply the stamp. The stamp has been cleaned and sprayed with a light coat of vegetable oil so it won't bring up bits of soap when I lift it up.

I added the arrow to my custom Anhoki stamp to be sure I never put the
logo upside down on the bar.

I love applying this really makes it MINE and I like sending
my bars around the world with that little signature.

How do you make your product yours?


NinasSmile said...

Thank you for letting me see how you make your soaps. Very interesting!

Caitlin said...

I LOVE your stamp! I have also recently been stamping my soaps. My customers have really seemed to like it!

btw, your soap and pictures are beautiful!


Life Soap Simple said...

Thank you NinasSmile...I'm glad you enjoyed peeking into my world.

And Caitlin, I love stamping up my soaps. It is fun and really seems like the finishing touch to me. (and Thank you too for your kind comments on my soaps and photos).