Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fabric Softner & Dryer Sheet Tutorial

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to share a tutorial as a guest on The Natural Beauty Workshop. Today I'd like to share that tutorial with you. Enjoy! And get busy making some awesome natural products for everyday use. It is so simple!

Making your own fabric softener and dryer sheets is made easy and cost effective by using ingredients and materials readily found in most households. If you like a light scent on your clean laundry, you can easily coordinate the scents of your handmade laundry powder, fabric softener, and dryer sheets.

Fabric Softener


Measuring cup
Measuring spoon
Permanent marker


32 oz Distilled white vinegar*
1-2 tsp Essential oil**

Making the Softener

Add your essential oil right into the vinegar container and shake well to incorporate. Label your container to let everyone know it contains essential oils and is NOT for culinary purposes.

Using the Softener

Using a measuring cup, for regular sized laundry loads add ¼ c vinegar mix and ¾ c water to the fabric softener dispenser at the beginning of the wash cycle. If you do not have a dispenser, add at the beginning of the rinse cycle. Larger loads may need up to ½ c vinegar mixture. Just add water up to 1 full cup.

This will leave a faint essential oil scent but NO vinegar. Plus, if you are coordinating your laundry products, your scent will be stronger. The vinegar helps soften your clothing and aids in reduction of static in the dryer phase (or you can line dry your clothes to save on that power bill).

*Never use vinegar on Dry-Clean ONLY garments.

**Follow recommended precautions when using essential oils.

Scented Dryer Sheets


Used, 100% cotton t-shirt
Small airtight container, with lid


3-5 drops Essential Oil*

Making the Sheets

Measure and cut 4-5" squares from your cotton t-shirt (don't tell, but I took this one out of my husbands drawer). One shirt will make many so you can have a stack ready to go or make some as gifts.

On each sheet drop 3-5 drops of your selected essential oil.

Do not use more than five drops per sheet. Too much essential oil can leave stains on your clothing.

I decided to use lemon essential oil* on this set to coordinate with the citrus laundry powder I am using.

To preserve the scent between uses, store sheets in airtight container.

*Follow recommended precautions when using essential oils.

Using the Sheets

Place one sheet in dryer with wet garments and dry as normal. Sheets can be used twice before needing refreshed. Simply toss in your washing machine to launder. Refresh with essential oil, store, and use as before. They can be used over and over again.

Have fun creating your own custom scented laundry products! What scents will you be trying first?


Heather Rae said...

This is such a great idea! I am going to have to try it one day soon. I love lavender, maybe I'll try that. Thanks for sharing!

Life Soap Simple said...

Heather, lavender is a wonderful choice! And one of my all time favorites too!