Friday, February 18, 2011

My Ideal Bath

The bath room is the one place in my house that I can truly be alone in a house full of little men. I can shut the door and for the most part, am left alone. I go there to be away...sometimes I call it my "time-out" place. I go there to cry when I can't take it any more, I go there to scream when I can't take it anymore! But I also go there to relax at the end of the day in peace and quiet and warmth.

Drawing a warm bath is the ultimate, yet simple getaway for me when I can't really get away. A few candles lit, a fizzy bath or a warming oil, a fragrant bar, a cup of tea (or a glass of wine), and always a piece (or two, or three) of dark chocolate make the experience complete.

But I just have your standard, ordinary, rather common bathroom with a tub/shower combo, a double sink, and just a path big enough to walk. What I would really love is a gloriously large bathroom with a claw foot bath tub, a big window with blustery curtains, a little chaise to lie my robe on and tuck my slippers under, and pretty pedestal sink with plenty of shelving loaded with big fluffy towels, my favorite bath oils in decorative bottles, and stacks of handmade soap all about. Ok, this is a little dreamy. But I would love a big, big bath tub (maybe jetted and heated).

Maybe a little something like this!

What would be your perfect bath?


Anhoki's Place said...

Since my ideal "bath" is actually a shower my "ideal shower" would be an endless steam shower/sauna type set up. A shower taken in a place filled with shower heads from floor to ceiling. The stall is completely closed off so all of the steam stays in my "space". The only light in the room is that glimmer of light that comes from the candles that line the vanity and wall. That, Eduardo to rub my feet, massage my back and a glass of wine is all I need. XOXO

Swan Mountain Soaps said...

You pretty much nailed it! The only other thing I'd need would be a good Jane Austen novel to read!

The Skin You're In said...

Hmmm, for me it would have to be a spacious tub with a few jets to calm and soother weary muscles, a romantic novel on my Kindle, candles and soft music. Ahhhhh :)

Life Soap Simple said...

oh that would be my dream shower for sure!!

and I'd take a book if I didn't think I'd drench it!!