Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Around the World in 40 Treasuries - Part I

Celebrating the amazing, talented diversity on Etsy! We are beginning our adventure in our home town of Columbia, MO. Won't you join us on the trip?

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Place to Call Soap

Creating products in my home can often be a challenge. We live in a regular sized slab foundation home. It sports three bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a wonderfully bright breakfast nook where we partake all of our meals. I have a nice walk in closet and a beautiful covered patio. We have a two car garage to park our vehicles in and a laundry room that I can shut the door on. By most standards today is probably considered small for our size of family. But really it is perfect for us and our life style....with one glaring workspace.

this is the area I typically is way to small and right now is cluttered waiting for a clean-up

All of product production occurs in the kitchen after I've thoroughly sanitized after regular use of the kitchen (you know as a place to prepare food-I sometimes get in the notion to cook up a pan of brownies). I then have to re-sanitize after production is complete. I also have a small hutch with a counter that I work from in the nook area Small ingredients and equipment are stored on and in the hutch. It is kind of a pain to do all this cleaning, re-cleaning, and sharing of space. It takes careful planning to be sure I have my soapy messes done in time to also have time to prepare a meal for my ever hungry family.

the process of being moved...obviously not worable at the moment

Storage is also an issue. Most of my time is spent hauling the bulk ingredients from another room into the work area and back again for storage. This is not conducive to high productivity or any sense of organization. It always seems that no matter what new method I come up with I still overflow into other areas of our home and I don't always remember where things are. I'm tired of it.

I've considered renting a studio, but I don't want the extra expense or to be tied to something like that. I also really like being at home waiting for the kids when they get home from school. I can run in a pinch to pick someone up or chat on-line with my sisters, or run to grab a meal ingredient I'm out of without having to worry about locking down or leaving something plugged in for a bit. I just want a little corner in our world to call soap.

So, I've been working toward creating a more optimized work space. All of my creating is going to occur in the kitchen-ette and if all the shelving I need will fit, the bulk ingredients will also be stored here. Finished products will go into the third bedroom where most of the packaging supplies, my laptop, and labeling stuff is anyway. The spare room has been completely cleaned out (well not the closet), but is already in use. I've already cleared the nook wall for the table and storage unit I have my eye on.

the nook in progress...moving furniture, mopping, wiping down walls

It may take me some time to get it all together and I'll update with the finally results or progress as I go. I still have to order the storage rack and it will be October before the table arrives, but I'm getting ready now and can't wait to get it all in line. Of course this doesn't necessarily mean I won't be "spreading" out more. The more new products I create and the more orders I get, the more space I need. Maybe I'll have to think about that studio a little harder.