Sunday, August 8, 2010

Life SEW Simple - Sewing for a Cause

Life isn't always so simple for everyone. It is far too easy to get swept up in our busy lives and not take notice of the strife that happens in our own communities, in our own neighborhoods. Across our country children are placed in foster care, women seek shelter from abusive situations, elderly are left without family in nursing homes, and people of all ages suffer the effects of cancer.

American Patchwork & Quilting has challenged readers to create 1 Million Pillowcases for charitable organizations across the nation that support nursing homes, hospitals, foster care children, and womens shelters. It has been awhile since I seriously did any sewing beyond hemming pants, but I am looking forward to
heading over to my local participating shop to look for some colorful fabrics. Then I'll dust off my sewing machine and brush up on my skills to make a few pillowcases to brighten the lives of someone who is less fortunate, who needs a little bit of hope and encouragement.

To read more about this project head over to AllPeopleQuilt for complete challenge details and help finding a participation shop near you.

I'll post some photos when I make some progress. In the meantime, how many pillowcases will you be making?

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