Monday, May 17, 2010

Make Mine Handmade

How many products did you use this morning in the bathroom? Soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, foundation, blush, powder, eyeliner, hair gel......okay, you get the idea. I got to counting one day and I had used nearly 20 products before I even left the bathroom. So I've been trying really, really hard to limit how many things I use everyday and also making a conscious effort to use natural and handmade when I can.

Some of my favorite things are bath and body products and while I make many of them for myself, I do like to try out other products. Time just doesn't allow for me to make everything for myself, nor does space or knowledge. Being part of the Etsy community, I often turn there for those day to day things that I can't seem to go without.

Today I used this beautiful shampoo bar from SwanMountainSoaps. The great thing about it is that it duos as a body bar so there was one less product I needed today. I used a fresh squeezed lemon as a hair rinse so that got rid of the conditioner.

My shower followed up with a homemade body oil with my favorite essential oils- lavender and geranium and handmade deodorant from UrbanEden. I love that this tube is twist up so easy to use, has a super glide, and leaves no white mess on the tail of my shirt (oh it smells nice too!)

A sultry perfume to finish it off from Anhoki and I'm ready for the day!

Today was a make-up free day, but I love the powder foundation and Grapecicle eyeshadow by PureNaturalMinerals and I've thrown out all the commercial stuff (except for a concealer stick that I haven't found a good natural option for--I'm still learning!!)

They are just little things and only a small handful of the wonderful products available, but I know they are better for me and better for my surroundings. I think that puts me at 3 products today, 4 if you count the lemon! So much better than the original 20. I am making improvements, how about you? What are you doing to decrease your consumption?

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