Monday, February 15, 2010

A Yarn to Tell

By nature, I am a crafter and artist. I spend most of my time trying one thing or another. Some I stick to, some I float back and forth from, some I try and move on. I'm not sure if that is a need to see if I can or I am never quite content doing the same things over and over again. I sew, quilt, paint, embroider, mosaic, soap of course, scrapbook, and that is just a short list. My most recent undertaking has been knitting.

I've attempted to knit and crochet in the past with no success. I can crochet a chain for miles on end, but can't create anything of shape or substance! Knitting needles just proved how uncoordinated I really am! Every so often I'll take up one or the other in another sad attempt, just to put it down in frustration.

So when I went to spend a gift card from Christmas (my grandma knows me all too well!!) and saw a knitting loom my heart sang!! I knew this I could do. Within a couple of afternoons I was making scarves, squares, booties, leg warmers, hats. You name, it can be done on a loom!!! I don't know if hardcore knitters consider this "cheating", but I love it because it lets me do something that previously evaded me. Now when I see yarn I get excited about what I could make next.

After practicing a bit with commercial instructions and the understanding of the stitches, I made my own pattern for a soap sack (because in my soapy world everything has to do with soap). Soap sacks are a handy little thing to tie-up all your soap scraps to make them usable down to the last sliver.

Soap sacks are nice and all, but I really wanted something different so I played some more and came up with the "Soap Surround".

What is a soap surround anyway? A soap surround is a 100% cotton loom knitted "sack" of sorts that you place your entire bar of soap in. It turns your ordinary (or rather, extraordinary handmade artisan bar) of soap into the ultimate scrubbing machine. It has a convenient handle so you don't loose grip of your soap while in the shower and it comes in a variety of colors. It is washable to use over and over again bar after bar!

I have a new addiction to yarn and knitting. I have an even greater addiction to Soap Surrounds. They are beginning to pile up much like the soap at my house. Thankfully they are selling in my Etsy shop! I am unstoppable. I've even taken it with me in the car, to appointments, and anywhere I just have to sit (even in bed watching TV!) Whatever was I thinking?

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