Monday, February 22, 2010

Finding My Muse....

It has been a long time since I really wrote, truly wrote. I used to write alot...especially poetry. But that was back when I was a teen and had "angst"! Now I barely get a chance to read (with the exception of picture books and Scooby Doo Chapter books)! That really limits one's vocabulary and throws my writing skills out the door.

Taking all this into consideration I think it is a miracle that I was able to complete the most recent SAFEteam (Soap Artisan Friends of Etsy) Soap Challenge. We were asked to create a St. Patrick's Day themed bath and body product and instead of our usual description we were to write a limerick! I am always up for a good challenge so I signed up, not even taking into consideration that I would actually be required to pull prose from my soggy Scoobified brain.

The easy part was creating the product. I knew exactly what I wanted to make. Then came time to write the limerick. OH NO!! I even asked for assistance from friends. They only wrote limericks about ME:

There once was a soapster named Kristi,
Who hawked her wares daily on Etsy.
Her friends find her silly,
and though miles away
We giggle the days away!

Finally I resolved to do this myself. I started by looking up how to write a limerick, because as I said before my writing skills are shot! Once I got the rhyme pattern (A A B B A) in my head and a few rhyming words that described my product I set to work.

I found myself sketching as I was attempting to find my muse and came up with a sketch and than a full color drawing rather than a poem. I am such a visual person! He is a cute little leprechaun and perfectly fits my product and the limerick I finally wrote---

...oh that is still a secret until all the entrants are revealed on the SAFEteam blog later this week.

I have a feeling the winner of this challenge will be the one who can write the funniest limerick. I'm not expecting to win, that is unless you all head over and vote for mine later this week! Now that might be more of a miracle than me writing a limerick at all.

I will post again this week with ALL of the details! It should be fun to see what everyone came up with.

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Erica said...

I used to write a lot too... sometimes now I feel barely literate bleh.