Monday, February 1, 2010

2 Year Anniversary

We are celebrating 2 years this month on Etsy. We have certainly come a long way since our first blurry pictures, awkward shipping rates, inconsistent labels, and general lack of know-how. We owe a great deal to the many friends we have made on Etsy and of course to the loyal customers who have stood by us and our products through the thick and thin of it.

To honor the loyal customers at Soap Scent-sations, we have two specials going on. The first is a 5% discount on all purchases now through February 11th (our Etsy opening day!). Just place 2Year in the comments to receive your discount...made via paypal.

We are also starting a new customer appreciatioin program called Five 4 FREE.

Now what in the world does that mean? For every on-line purchase; however great or small, you (the customer) will receive a card. Collect 5 cards, return them to the mailing address on the cards with a return address, and we will ship you a full sized cold process bar of soap for FREE! shipping included!! How much better can it get?!

Well, what is stopping you? Start collecting those cards!!

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