Thursday, August 27, 2009

Falling for Etsy

I am still heavily absorbed in thoughts of fall and was wondering what everyone else was doing for fall. I know I can always count on the talented artisans at Etsy for fabulous finds no matter what the season. I know this will be my place to do my shopping this year again! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall Flurry

As school starts, my mind starts twirling with the remembrances of fall; leaves changing colors, warm soup, smells of baked goods filled with freshly picked apples, berries, and pears seasoned with cinnamon and other spices.

As the flurry of fall soap making has commenced, it is only natural that these things come into play. Of course I have to throw in some of my own favorites, and tried and true favorites among customers. A few are already available in my Etsy shop and the remainder will become available in early September. So be on the look out for your fall favorites and be sure to pre-order to secure a bar today.

The first two are available now and the third in limited quantities until the next batch is cured:

Pumpkin Pie Spice with Lavender - a soap made with real pumpkin pulp, pie spices, and lavender essential oil. A true spicy soap with just a hint of lavender to make it almost romantic.

Caramel Apple - a dead on scent of tart apples covered in rich, creamy, sweet caramel. I love this one. It is alot of fun and reminds me of Halloween as a child.

Lavender and Oats - an old favorite. Since I only have a bar or two left, this one was for sure on the MUST make list. There will be some limited edition shapes this time around too!

Blackberry Sage - a balanced combination of sweet berries and herbal sage. Not too sweet, not too earthy.

White Tea and Berries - another sweet scent in such a pretty layered bar of cream, pink, and lavender. You might think this is too springy, but really the fall berry scent plays nicely with the subtle white tea, making it a nice fall blend. Oh, and I was just dying to create something with this scent!

Deep Forest - a slightly new blend based off of my Evergreen Forest Glycerin bar. Very earthy with hints of spice. The perfect bar for your favorite guy. These I made in my brand new guest loaf mold and just LOVE how they turned out! A limited quantity are stamped with a cute little phrase that would be ideal for housewarming gifts, your cabin in the woods, or just for any rustic bathroom. Made with my favorite Shea Butter Recipe, green clay and spices for natural color; Cedar, Fir, Cinnamon, Cloves...need I say more!

Other things to be looking for: a Mizzou themed soap, more sea salt bars, and shaving soap. I'll keep you updated as these roll out of the molds. And if you have an special requests, please don't hestiate, I love custom orders.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Challenged Again

When I entered the SAFEteam Soap challenge I really had a notion to make a “Soap on the Brain” bar! You’ve seen the brain mold and I envisioned fusing a guest size soap to it. I mean really, I live and breathe soap! But then we (soapers that is) all do, don’t we?! On the other hand there is way more to me than soap. There are my kids, my family, my church, etc, etc. And there is also this other me that is a woman in the middle of all the other worlds.

Who am I and how can I describe myself in a bar of soap?! Good grief, talk about a challenge. Outwardly, I am wife, mom, Christian, sister, daughter, soaper, and so on. Inwardly, a little more complex…loner, yet I don’t know a stranger; pleaser, yet likes to have my own way; lover of knowledge, but set in my ways; likes to be challenged, yet dislikes change; artsy but likes organization and clean lines; modern momma with some pretty classical/vintage ideals and a hankering for family history and antiques; perfectionist that has come to accept that I can’t do everything. And that is only scratching the surface.

My challenge soap has three layers of my favorite Cold Process recipe that includes a huge dollop of shea butter and my own personal blend of oils and fragrances: anise for spice and spunkiness, lavender as a favorite, sandalwood to soften, and lilac for memories. Each layer represents a piece of me (though I still don’t think the totality). The first layer is tinted black with activated charcoal. This layer is for the modern me…web surfer, Etsy soap seller self and for that part of me that likes organization and clean lines. The next layer is in lavender. It is lightly embossed with a lace pattern and is for the soft side of me…the girly part that likes to get dressed up in frills and snuggle up with my kiddos, for the nostalgic part of me. The final layer is swirled with color for the part that loves color and vibrancy in life and also representing how all of my roles somehow mesh and swirl together to make me.

I hope you enjoy this soap…it truly is a piece of me and thank you for the challenge. While it isn’t exactly how I perceived it originally, it’s ok…because I am NOT perfect and life is a constant lesson! Cheers!

Step on over to the SAFEteam Blog to check out how other soapers perceive themselves and take a vote! You might even win a bar of the winning soap!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tomorrow is the day we, my darling husband and I, celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. It seems like forever and yesterday at the same time. I can honestly say it has been an amazing 10 years. We really have grown together and I can not imagine my life without this amazing man by my side. He keeps me sane, puts up with my moods and messes, and truly takes care of me. He is my leaning post, my sounding board, and my soul mate. He is brilliant, calm, and very patient. He is the daddy to my beautiful children.

I often wonder how we came to be "us" and if I deserve this great guy, but I do thank the Lord for bringing us together and keeping us together. I count my blessings for every day we have had. And many, many, many more to come.

Our wedding was not fancy by any stretch of the word. I made my own dress and had help making my bridesmaids dresses, flowergirl dress, a vest for the ring bearer. I wish I had had Etsy then, it would have been even more unique and even more like us.