Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home of the Brave

I am currently working on a line of Patriotic Products. I have a Red, White, and Boom Soap Pop for the kids and Bath Fizzies in star shapes. The next thing on my list is a Cold Process bar in Red, White, and Blue Layers made with Sea Salts. I have a name picked out (to be announced upon completion) and all of the ingredients. What I can't decide is the perfect scent to go along with this brilliantly, beautiful and American bar!

That being said I'm leaving it up to my customers and friends to Pick the Scent that is MOST Patriotic/American, and win a FREE 4 oz Bar of Sea Salt Soap: Yet to be scented.

Here's what to do - comment at the end of this blog with the following:

1. Your idea of the perfect American scent: It has to say, US of A, Amber Waves of Grain, Purple Mountain Majesties. It can be a creative blend of Essential oils or just a favorite scent/fragrance that you think is ALL American! I am open to all suggestions!

2. Your contact information: should you be the chosen winner I will need to contact you for mailing instructions. I will announce the winner here on the blog and will also send you a private e-mail. (If you would rather not publicize your information you may e-mail my business account: I never share information with anyone).

This Scenting contest will last through June 15th. The winning scent will be announced shortly there after.



amy@articulations said...

Great contest! How about a fresh air/rain scent, like the clean great outdoors?

You already know where to find me:)

Hope you find the perfect scent.

Terry Drosdak said...

Personally, I think the most American scent would be Apple Pie!

Convo me on my etsy shop if you need to contact me.

THANKS, can't wait to see what you've named it!

Runako Designs by Dee said...

hmmm, gonna have to ponder that one for a while, what a great idea.

In the meantime, I left something special for you over on my blog, take a look :)

Suzie's Armoire said...

Hrmpf! I was going to say Apple Pie. And the rain scent is a good idea, too. about Cherry Pie! You know, George Washington, Cherry Trees, lol! Or Blueberry. I'm focusing on the RED, white, and BLUE part. Cherry/Blueberry is probably too much.

And you know how to find me. ;-)