Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From Sea to Shining Sea

Thank you to those who participated in the scenting of my latest soap. I'd like to first tell you a little about this Americana themed bar. It is made with two varieties of Sea Salt, one Pacific and one Atlantic variety to make it a true Sea to Sea Salt Soap.
The bottom layer, in red, is made with Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt from the Pacific Ocean. It has been used by Hawaiians for centuries in sacred ceremonies to cleanse and purify tools and canoes. Red sea salt is created by natural evaporation and trapped in tidal pools where it mixes with the red volcanic clay that gives it its color. It is said to contain 80 different naturally occurring minerals, making it a perfect addition to any body care regime. It gives this soap a lovely rustic, red color and is used as an exfoliant.
The second salt used in both the white and blue layer is Pure Atlantic Sea Salt. It is fine grain and solar evaporated, containing no anti-caking agents or additives. This too will give a wonderful exfoliation and a great compliment to the more course red salt.

And with much ado, now that you have seen the completed bar and read a little bit about the ingredients, the scent! and the winner! This was a difficult decision and all were wonderful ideas--who knows, you may see them in the future!

From Sea to Shining Sea was scented with Ocean Rain...selected by:
amy@articulations said...
Great contest! How about a fresh air/rain scent, like the clean great outdoors?

Amy will receive one bar of From Sea to Shining Sea as a token of thanks!

I chose this one as I thought it most fit the Sea theme I already had in mind. Thank you again to all who participated. Keep an eye out for more new products, contests, and specials coming in the future!


Snowberry Creek said...

Your new salt soap bar is very pretty. Congratulations to Amy on selecting the mane of the scent. Looks like a perfect fit to me. I really like salt bars...yours sounds very interesting.

Soap Scent-sations said...

thank you. Salt bars are a fav of mine and I have enjoyed playing with more layers lately on all of my bars.