Sunday, May 31, 2009


Handmade soap can be just your basic bar of olive oil or a popular, but simple lavender and oats. But it can be so much more. What inspires a soap? Whether it is a melt and pour soap or a cold process bar, many things can trigger the imagination.

You know, for the longest time there was a scent I would smell and it reminded me of going to my grandparents house. We only saw them once or twice a year, but that smell was always them. I never really knew what it was. As an adult, I finally figured out what it was one day while in the floral department of a craft store...Eucalyptus. Grandma always had it in the house! I like to add a little Eucalyptus Essential Oil to scrubs, bath bombs, and even soap just as a reminder of those happy memories of crafting with Grandma.

Many times it is as simple as a scent or a fun mold that inspires the creation of a particular soap. Who couldn't help but be inspired by a Freezer Pop tray? Sometimes it is a season or upcoming holiday that gets the creative juices flowing. Spring is one of my favorite seasons and it brings with it a newness, a freshness. Mystic Garden is a very good example of such an inspired soap. Other times it is more a memory or an idea or feeling I'd like to get across. Of course there is music, stories, and poetry that can make a soap come to life.

And then there are your Soap Team Challenges! I created Creme Brulee for such a challenge. The next challenge should be interesting and I look forward to completing it. Our inspirational challenge: Describe yourself in a bar of soap! Now if that doesn't bring about an interesting soap, I don't know what will. Now off to the drawing figure out who I am as a bar of soap of course!

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