Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gardener's Soap

For those of you who adore the Gardener's Soap and know I am down to just a couple not fear, I have another batch in the works. It will be ready in four weeks. If you haven't tried the
Gardener's Soap you will find it to work amazingly on ground in dirt, grease, and those icky kitchen smells. This bar is packed with cornmeal and pumice for that extra scrubbing your hands need when you've been working hard. Be it in the Garden, the Shop, or the Kitchen I'm sure this soap will do the trick.

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Suzie's Armoire said...

Here's my testimonial:

It works! Really! Takes the smell of gasoline off of your hands, too. Like magic. I came back and bought 3 bars to give as teacher gifts. :)