Friday, March 27, 2009

Simple Indulgences

Baths to me are a special treat that I only get to enjoy on a rare occasion. There is nothing like settling into a warm tub of water, my bath bomb, a bar of silky soap, a glass of wine, and a few pieces of chocolate! Twenty minutes to myself and my tensions and troubles melted away, washed down the drain.
I had such an occasion last night -- wine, chocolate, warm water, a bar of soap from a fellow etsy soaper, and a bubble bar from IndulgentCreations that I received in a soap team swap box a month ago. I didn't even touch the bar of soap. This thing (the bubble bar) is like a bubble bath, a bar of soap, and a bath oil all rolled into one. It was the perfect end to a stressful day. I usually follow up with a light body oil, but no need and I woke this morning with silky soft skin and the gentle aroma as a reminder of my tub time! Thank you IndulgentCreations for sharing it with me.

*image used with permission from Indulgent Creations.

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