Monday, March 2, 2009

Host an On-line Soap Scent-sational Party!

Who doesn't love a party? Better yet, how about a party you can have in the comfort of your own home without having to serve refreshments and cleaning the house?

How many times have you been invited to a home party, be it Tupperware, candles, bath/body products, etc, and just groaned because you didn't have the time or the energy to go?

You don't have to anymore!!

How Does It Work?

If you are interested in running an online party, you can either comment here with your e-mail . . . or, if you do not like posting that in public places you can e-mail me at: getsudsy AT mindspring DOT com.

A set of dates will be set for when your party will take place. Online parties can run anywhere from 2 days up to 2 weeks. During that time, any sales made in my store with your party name (left in the comments to seller) will be tallied up. The party name is your choice, however, it is highly recommended that you make it your Etsy ID/ Artfire ID so that it is easy for me to remember. If you do not have an Etsy/Artfire shop, you can use your blogger ID here.

How Much Commission Would I Make Per Sale?

Since you are the host, it is your responsibility to get buyers to my store. You can e-mail friends and family, post in your blog, on twitter, and wherever else you may like. Just remember, do not spam. There is no need for me to know who you are inviting to the “Party”. One alert about the party should be enough for others to see. Let them know about the party, when it begins, ends and what the products are.


Hello friends,

I would like to invite you to a “Scent-sational Party” by Soap Scent-sations, a handcrafted bath and body business, that is offering a new and revamped type of home party. And the best part about this party is you can shop from home! No traveling, browse and shop at your convenience, from your own home. View products at:


My Scent-sational Party begins on (your date here) and ends (your date here). You may place orders with Soap Scent-sations at anytime between these dates.

When placing your order please leave the following code (your ID) so that Kristi at Soap Scent-sations can keep track of my party participants. If you book an on-line party through my party you can receive additional discounts at time of booking. If you are not comfortable creating a Etsy account you can email Soap Scent-sations at with a list of products, quantities, and a paypal account that she can send an invoice to. Or ArtFire offers a Rapid Cart that allows customers to purchase without creating an account.

Hope to see you there!
(Your Name)

Once the party has ended and the sales are all tallied up, you will receive one of the following of your choice:

A 20% shopping spree in my store. Basically, if your party makes $100 in sales, you would get $20 in product. You will have one week after your party has closed to select your items.

The other option would be for cash. I understand that not everyone needs bath & body products right now and with the economic stress we have, I understand the needs of my friends. If you prefer to be given cash at the end of your party, you will receive 18% of the amount your party made. So instead of getting $20, you would get $18 directly deposited into your paypal account. You would give me your Paypal account e-mail at the end of the party, for privacy purposes, that e-mail will be deleted once payment is sent out.

Why Is The Cash Amount Less Than The Product Amount?

It is a smidgen less since these parties are generally only for product and not for cash. However, as stated, I know how tough it is right now for everyone and so I decided to offer a cash option for those not in need of bath & body products.

Can I Host Multiple Parties?

You may only host one party at a time. However, once that party is ended, if you would like to open a new one, we can do so at any time. Just pick your dates, the party name and do as you have done before.

Does The Sales Commission Include Shipping Costs?

No. The commission percentage you will receive will only be from product prices and not shipping.

Is This Only Open To US Residents?

No. This offer is open to any of my friends on this blog or on twitter. The orders received from your friends and family can also be from anywhere around the world. I ship internationally and do not mind doing so for any of the parties you may host.

NOTE: However, the commission rate would be either 20% or 18% per US dollar.

What If My Party Is At The Same Time As Someone Elses?

This is okay. So long as the party name is left in the comments to seller, the credit will go to your party and not others I have going on at that time.

Some Of My Family Or Friends Do Not Like Etsy/Artfire. They Do Not Want To Sign Up For It. What Do I Do?

Again, this is just fine with me. If for any reason they feel uncomfortable using Etsy/Artfire, their order requests can be e-mailed to me directly. Just be sure that they mention what they would like to buy, the party name, and the e-mail they registered with Paypal. This way I can send them a personal invoice through Paypal. Once again, after the order is complete and has arrived at their home, that e-mail will be deleted for privacy purposes.

My Family Or Friends Do Not Care For Company Newsletters . . . Is This A Problem?

No, this is not a problem. These customers are buying because of you and I feel I would have no right spamming their in-boxes at a later date with sales, unless they asked about it. Now, if they would like to join a mailing list in the future, have them e-mail me. It may never happen, but I will keep them filed away (not online).

I think I answered all possible questions. If you do have one that is not listed, let me know. I am willing to work out whatever you may need. I want to do this not for my sales, but to help my friends. I am always open to suggestions.

Also, if you would like my Etsy/Artfire mini code for any reason, please let me know.

Thank you all for looking.

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