Monday, February 16, 2009

Making Changes

This is going to be a year of changes for Soap Scent-sations. Good changes! I am working hard to make a more recognizable product. The first step in this process has been to create a new logo for my business; something that will be on all of my products, something that identifies the products as mine and something that is fun and fabulous just like my soaps! So with much on the look out for this logo.....EVERYWHERE! I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out!
Many thanks to my friend MonkeyThreads for her work on translating my sketch into something that I can use!

Other changes that you can begin watching for: full FDA approved ingredient lists on all of my products, recycled packaging, and of course a new product line that I am extremely excited to be debuting in March! Be on the look out for more details. It is my hope that with these changes will grow a greater confidence in my products, a greater recognition of my products, and an overall cohesive look!

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Josh Jones said...

I love your blog, there is some really cool stuff on here!