Monday, February 23, 2009

The Handmade Me

I posted this in my blog, but I thought I would share it here with some proofreading. This is really me, where my creativity stems from.


Can you imagine your life without handmade? I know I can't. I grew up with it. I remember holding a needle and thread when I was 4-5 years old as my Grandmother guided my hand up and down through an embroidery hoop. My mother made clothes for my sisters and me. We used to laugh because we would all be wearing matching outfits (including Mom). Mom always said it was so she could find us if we ever got lost. "She's wearing THIS!" We learned to cook meals and homemade play-doh with Mom near by and how to do every day tasks like laundry and dusting with her watching eye.

Now as an adult, and crafter/artist/mom myself, I see so much value in the things we made together over the years. It was less about making ends meet by doing things yourself, but more about teaching values and creating memories. There is such a great importance in creating things yourself. You learn to succeed through trial and error. You learn to accept that sometimes you just can't. You learn to find beauty in the simple things. And you learn that it is less about the end product, but the process.

The things we make are part of us, part of our history and our future. My most treasured things are those that have been either passed down or made specifically with me in mind. Someone cared enough and knew me well enough to create something with their two hands. I also treasure the times we have had together during those creative processes. The quilts my mom and I have planned, created, and given as gifts to others, the projects I've helped my grandma with, and the crafts I've guided my kids through. These are times we stop rushing around and actually talk and laugh, and sometimes, even cry.

Who would I be without my handmade? Just another namebrand t-shirt with a logo plastered all over it. I would be just like the masses. That's not me. I am original! I am handmade!

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Julie Boland said...

That is so true!!! I am the same way and thank you for posting such a great blog!!!