Friday, January 23, 2009


Today I entered a contest on Start-up Nation for Leading Mom's in Business. I would love to have your vote if you have tried my products and liked, no, LOVED them. I would love to have your vote if you love my service.
Simply click the "Vote For Us" button to the right or click HERE to read my profile. Let me know you voted by leaving a comment and I will enter you into a drawing to win a free bar of soap. Winner will be contacted after the Mom's Business contest is completed and I have collected all possible votes. At that time I will also collect the winner's information.


Beyond the Picket Fence said...

I just voted Soap! I actually just used your solid lotion, because my finger is all dried and cracked and your solid lotion makes it feel sooooo much better! I bought it for my husband...but I stole it when he wasn't looking (shh don't tell)

Hope you win!

Anonymous said...

Voted for you. Cute picture! You also might want to check out a site called ideablob for another business contest. Good luck!

PolkaDotCandle said...

Lovely soaps! Also, you are tagged! Please checkout my blog for details! :) Thanks, Wendi

Soap Scent-sations said...

Drum roll please....the votes were tallied. I was not a winner, but it was a great experience and many were voting! However, only 3 commented. I will hold the drawing tomorrow and let the winner know...oh the suspense.